Who wants to lug around a cluttered purse or overstuffed wallet. Especially when you are doing something fun like attending a show, hanging out with friends at a club or riding a motorcycle? Not us!

Kelly Slover has designed a patented box buckle billfold that can hold your ID, Credit Cards and Cash securely fixed to your belt alleviating the need to carry a wallet or purse when you venture out for a good time.

These products are custom designed, hand engraved pieces that look fantastic and offer a solution to the bottomless purse or overstuffed wallet.


Raised from an early age around Western lifestyle and rodeo, I competed in Junior, High School, Collegiate, and Professional ranks.  After many years as a Head Rodeo Coach at the collegiate level, I started my belt buckle company fulltime in 2012. 


Bachelor of Science – Agriculture Business – Sul Ross State University
Bachelor of Science – Agricultural Education – Texas Tech University
Masters of Science – Repro. Physiology of Domestic Livestock – Sul Ross State University

My artisan background started as a very young child.  I can recall drawing all the time and my late mother kept baby books and records with some of my early drawings.  I guess you could say that I have always had an “artistic eye” and a great sense of non-typical designs.  My love for metal works came from my years in High School Ag classes.  It was in Ag. where I learned to operate an oxy-acetylene torch and how to weld.

The inspiration for my invention of the “Box Buckle Billfold” came from the fact that – “I NEVER LIKED CARRYING A WALLET DUE TO THE BULKINESS OF IT”.   I would often take out of my wallet a Credit/Debit Card, my ID and some cash when I was going out.  I designed and made a Credit/Debit Card holder and money clip all in one for this purpose.  Wanting to streamline lesser things in my pocket, I invented the BOX BUCKLE BILLFOLD.  My thoughts were… I always wear a belt and I always need my Card, ID and a little cash! 

My days as a Rodeo competitor and coach have instilled a personal appreciation for quality belt buckles, and I am committed to bringing excellent and affordable products to my customers.